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Who we are

We are an international network of mature consultants and coaches. We have a broad range of skills, experience and know-how. We have known each other for several years: we have consulted, argued, designed, laughed, collaborated, learnt, eaten and drunk together, so we know how we each work to our best. This helps us field the best combination of people for our clients.

We publish what we do in articles and books and we talk about what we do at conferences. We teach what we do in business schools and institutes in Sweden, the USA and South Africa.

Bridget Farrands

Bridget is an organisation consultant and executive coach specialising in the field of cultural change, leadership and executive learning.  Read more..


Rob Farrands

Rob has had several careers: starting his professional life as a barrister, he then worked in a number of companies as a labour lawyer specialising in industrial relations before making another shift into the field of organisation development.. Read more..

Jill Collett.jpg

Jill Collett

Jill is a psychologist, ex-Oxford academic, organisational consultant, executive coach and mindfulness facilitator, who specialises in leadership and human flourishing in the workplace.  Put very simply, happy people perform better at work, and it is the leaders who create the right (or wrong) conditions.   Jill’s passion is to help them get it right Read more...

Fi Macmillan

Fi is an executive coach specialising in leadership transitions. Together with the stretch of moving into a new role, she believes that it is a unique opportunity for leaders to develop and excel. Read more..


Lesley Roberts

Lesley is an Executive Coach who also has a passion for Team Coaching.  She has had a 16-year career with Mars Inc, spanning a variety of Commercial and HR roles, and ended her career there as Coaching and Team Performance Director. During her time at Mars Lesley took a sabbatical to participate in the Clipper Round The World Yacht Race, where she spent a year as a racing crew member crossing the worlds largest oceans. Read more..

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