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Jill Collett
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Jill is a psychologist, ex-Oxford academic, organisational consultant, executive coach and mindfulness facilitator, who specialises in leadership and human flourishing in the workplace.  Put very simply, happy people perform better at work, and it is the leaders who create the right (or wrong) conditions.   Jill’s passion is to help them get it right.  


From an early career as a Fleet Street journalist, covering the law courts and Old Bailey in London, Jill moved on to do her Doctoral studies at Oxford University’s Psychology Department. She was one of the first psychologists to focus on maximising human potential and happiness and has carried this interest into her organisational consultancy.  


Jill’s work takes her into a broad range of sectors across Europe, America and APAC, and she loves to work with both local and global multi-cultural teams.  In the last year, she has facilitated the growth of the executive team in a leading UK-based organisation which is transitioning from Government to charitable status, coached an international board-level team in the manufacturing sector, and worked intensively with high-potential executives from all corners of the earth a part of their MBA programmes, helping them to develop their leadership DNA.   


The red threat running through Jill’s work life, is her drive to facilitate healthy and high-functioning teams and individuals, who balance psychological safety with stretch and challenge, to create environments where people love to work.

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