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Our Purpose


We are consultants, coaches and teachers whose goal is to transform strategic intention into commercial, personal and social benefit, working through leaders and their teams.

Our Approach


FGC provides solutions that are ambitious and practical. We also ensure that the right problem gets identified by taking time to enquire, probe and challenge the assumptions giving rise to the situation we are asked to address.

Our Style


Our consultants will typically work from the “inside out”: this means immersing themselves in situations to appreciate the scope of solutions possible within the culture. We work always to build a trusting working relationship with the client that supports truth telling, risk taking and sustainable action.

Our work is grounded in many years of experience of organisation life as managers ourselves - and as consultants working across a broad range of public and private sector institutions.

Proud sponsors of

Freunde der Viermastbark Peking e.V.

Freunde der Viermastbark Peking e.V

Question of the moment

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