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Bridget Farrands
Bridget Farrands

Bridget is an organisation consultant and executive coach specialising in the field of cultural change, leadership and executive learning.

From an early background within manufacturing industry, she re-trained as a psychotherapist and created a coaching and consulting practice where the personal issues of change were closely connected to new ways of leading. Her work now takes her into organisations based in Europe and the USA and across a range of sectors.

Specific recent assignments include working with leaders in the new South African government; building new forms of collaboration across a global publishing company; developing the leadership team of the UK’s leading health and beauty retailer. Additionally Bridget coaches leaders who want to learn how to lead instead of manage.

She is co-author of Leadership Transitions: How business leaders take charge in new roles (Kogan Page 2012), based on her extensive research in to how executives fail and succeed when they take up new roles. She sits on the board of a non-profit leadership centre based in the USA and is a founder member of APECS. Bridget is a non executive director at MyKnowledgeMap

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