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Annie Medcalf
Annie Medcalf

Annie has over 20 years' experience as a development professional, with experience as a development consultant, management development trainer, lecturer and coach. She is passionate about supporting people in realising their potential.

Her work involves trying to make a contribution to the health and success of the whole organisation by helping individuals and teams articulate and realise their goals. Her approach is to work with people within the organisation, developing approaches which are more likely to be relevant, acceptable and sustainable. She works with different groups to define their current strengths, development needs, and agreed implementation plans to develop or improve their existing people and organisational systems.

She has worked extensively in Southern and West Africa, and thanks to the wonders of skype coaches clients in Afghanistan, Vietnam and Malawi, as well as across Europe.

Annie has an MBA from the Open University, and a PhD in Organisational Change from Leeds Business School. She is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development, and her latest focus in her own personal development is deepening and widening her interest in Action Learning.

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