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What are the questions that don't get asked any more?

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Figure Ground Consulting

How to you get to hear your own voice?

At a recent coaching meeting, my coachee sat down and said he wanted to think out loud with me. He said nothing else then sat quietly. This was an unusual request, as the usual way we would begin our meetings would be for him to dive into a long update about what had been happening since we last met....
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Figure Ground Consulting

How do you give yourself a Listening MOT?

Are we at a particular moment in our history where listening is in short supply? It would be easy to think we are, given the shouting and jostling for our attention that we are subjected to by brands, politicians, news media, social media, advertising…..
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Figure Ground Consulting

Loyalty and engagement - two peas in the same pod? Or apples and pears?

As consultants, we find it easy to be loyal to some clients, and far harder to feel the same way about others. Clients who treat us as partners, rather than suppliers; clients who take us into their confidence about future plans, clients who involve us in solving with them their knotty problems, clients who engage us in events to help us meet their colleagues…..not surprisingly, for these clients we go the extra mile...
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How do you encourage new leaders to take a leap in their contribution and commitment?

From our first day at work, we try to fit in. It's what you do. It's a good enough organisation, maybe even great. So, we fly their flag. And, yes, our friends would recognise the person they saw at work. We are being our selves.

Let's turn things on their head. What happens if we aren't encouraged to fit in when we join? Let's think about this entirely differently.....
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How do we refresh and renew our practice?

A way to think about what we do in the world is as "a practice". This emphasises the pattern and continuity in what we do and it can be used in a wide range of settings - a doctor has a practice and so does a yogi!
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Figure Ground Consulting

How does your reputation get made?

The global Reputation Institute defines reputation as: regularly living up to what you promise and builds from 3 different sources:
Others' direct experience of you, what you do and how you do it
What other people say about you
What you say about yourself.
Taken together, all three make up your unique reputation......
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