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What are the questions that don't get asked any more?

Catching Our Attention

Here is an eclectic mix of what we are enjoying, finding curious or weird plus the music that is helping us get into the Spring..... The theme of our Question of the Moment is changing your viewing so you change your doing and all our OOR selection reflects people, writers and music that do this!


Thank You For Being Late - Thomas L. Friedman. His previous book was all about the world being flat….now Friedman’s latest is all about the world being fast. As if we didn’t know. But what he does so entertainingly and informingly is to explain that the planet's three largest forces - Moore's law (technology), the market (globalization) and Mother Nature (climate change and biodiversity loss) - are all accelerating at once, transforming the workplace, politics, geopolitics, ethics and community. An extraordinary release of energy is reshaping everything from how we hail a taxi to the fate of nations to our most intimate relationships. Yeah, yeah….we hear you say…knew all that already…so what’s new? Well, he suggests that to really benefit from and exploit all this pace, we need to slow down, pause to admire the world as its changing. Then maybe it’s less alarming, less rushed, more possible to live in. Try it and see?
Awesome Manifestos - Lifehack. Not our usual book recommendation but a fascinating blog from that great site, Lifehack. All about ways to inspire through manifestos. Short, succinct, wise and sometimes obvious instructions for how to….get yourself going, stay on track and then remember why you ever decided to set out on in the first place. From lululemon to Women in Business to Frank Lloyd Wright’s vision for his apprentices, here is a rich selection of kick starters to your own dreams.

Black Box Thinking: Marginal Gains and the Secrets of High Performance - Matthew Syed. We’ve had out-of-the-box thinking…now welcome to Black Box Thinking. Not the same at all – at least according to Mr Syed. With endorsements from the great and the good who have made huge successes in their different fields (James Dyson, Dave Brailsford, Daniel Pink), here’s a new recipe for success: pay attention to the tiny improvements, use failure to learn about success and challenge your assumptions about how to perform well. Tough recipe but plenty of inspiring stories here to inspire and energise. Get going!


The Winning Formula fo the Nobel Prize: BBC Future . We know visitors to On Our Radar are ambitious, insightful, exciting, hi-flying, successful world changers (hey – why not?). So knowing the winning formula for how to win a Nobel Prize is going to definitely be one of the regular topics of conversation over the daily Starbucks. Wait no more for the answers to your question. Here are the key stats to support your aspiration to be standing on the podium in Oslo one of these years. Good luck – we look forward to being credited, along with your mum and best friend, for your success.
Character in the Selfie Age: RSA Shorts. The fabulous RSA have produced another of-the-moment short in their Espresso for The Mind series. In just 3 minutes check whether your selfies are obsessed with hiding your big nose/showing off your tiny waistline/flexing your pecs/proving you could be Justin Bieber’s assistant….or when you last gave as much attention to some of the moral dilemmas we face. No – that doesn’t mean ‘shall I wear the red or the green today?’ It means – for example - should we punish or re-habilitate wrong doers? Is love more important than respect? But in the Selfie Age we don't even know what a moral dilemma is any more. Seems people of character commit to things outside of themselves: so the next time you post a selfie to all your social media sites….ask yourself: am I the most important person in my own universe? Or do other things go on?
Dear Ijeqwele: Chimamanda Ngoze Adichie. If, like us, you believe that Women’s Day should be 365 days of the year and not just one, you will enjoy watching the insightful and brilliant Chimamanda Ngoze Adichie describe (to her friend who has just had a new daughter) what it means to be a feminist today. Whether you are educating and bringing up girls or boys, keeping alive any discussion which helps women take charge of and make choices for themselves is not yet a thing of the past.
Why is Yawning so Catching? Let’s cut to the chase here…..if you yawn when you see someone else yawn, you’re just showing empathy. Not boredom. If you need to yawn it’s just because your brain has become overheated – and obviously that won’t make you an Einstein – so a good big yawn helps you cool it down. So next time you feel like yawning, remember you’re making sure your brain still works or you’re just feeling empathetic. No more screwed up faces or desperate efforts to hide your mouth…..let it all out.


A brief history of failure: BBC Podcast. In our success obsessed world, failure is like leprosy – something to avoid or hide from. Instead of holding up failures as some of the best sources of learning, we promote endlessly the ways others have been successful: so reinforcing the need to keep hiding from failures. What if failure is essential for us to really know success….. Do we know what success means if we’ve never experienced failure? And why (last question…. promise) don't we help our children to value what failure can tell us? Answers to these and other questions can be found in this timely and gripping BBC podcast.

Long Live the Angels: Emeli Sande. Where did she go? After her stunning performance at the London Olympics Emeli Sande seemed to mostly disappear – no music, no appearances, no performances….nix. Seems she had a lot on her plate: divorce, depression, exhaustion…but now she’s recovered and returned in full song with this album. Sometimes compared with the Big Voice Songsters like Aretha Franklin, she’s definitely her own woman with her own voice. Try Breating Underwater and Hurts to get the original Emeli sounds. Gorgeous.

A Field Guide to Lies: Daniel Levitin. This 50’ RSA podcast is a must-listen if you’ve ever wondered how to tread a path through the minefield of the post truth era. To sort a half truth from a full lie, to spot an alternative fact from real facts….click and listen here. But there’s a surprise too….you may end up more able to create your own half truths, to manipulate your own news so it sounds true – even if it’s not. So if a job on the Trump team is something on your career radar, this could be the place to wise up.